Webinar Series

The Uniface Lectures are an ongoing series of free monthly technical webinars that cover a wide range of useful topics:

  • Responsive Applications: In depth look & demos with getting started, developing & deploying responsive applications with Uniface.
  • Mobile Deployment: An introduction to concepts of mobile deployment, the strengths of Uniface to mobile platforms & custom plug-ins to utilize native device functionality.
  • Uniface 10: An into & look at the enhanced developer productivity in Uniface 10 through use of defaults, palettes, templates & code snippets. Live demo of Uniface 10 IDE & changes in comparison with Uniface 9.
  • Integration: How to integrate your Uniface applications with OneDrive & use semantic URLs for Uniface RESTful services.
  • Mobile: Step-by-step guide on how to build your first Uniface mobile app.
  • JavaScript: How to use Uniface in existing web pages.
  • Deployment: How to more easily distribute & update your Uniface applications.
  • Modernization: How to give your Uniface applications a Windows 10 look & feel, & work with different screen resolutions.

Each webinar will go into more detail about functionality, tips & tricks, walk-through demos & much more!

Contact us if you would like to join or have questions.