Deploying  Uniface Applications using Standard Deployment

Standard Deployment gives a lot of benefits for both the initial deployment of Uniface applications, and their subsequent maintenance. Michel van den Berg, from the Uniface Lab was the architect involved in the initial design, he will be your presenter and will give an overview of the functionalities.

This event will give you an opportunity to:
•             Learn how to move from classic to standardized deployment
•             The ins-and-out of the needed ASN settings
•             Understand the technology of UAR’s
•             Easily rollback your Uniface changes/patches at the customer site
•             How to use the resource manager
•             Dealing with compatibility issues.

Register to attend this complimentary online seminar on Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 


Title:          Deploying Uniface Applications using standard
Date:         7 January, 2015
Time:         08:00 am (East)  &  04:00 pm (West)
Duration:  1 hour